Abuse of Power: Truth and Consequences for Voters

Ok there is a very good chance just reading the first three words in the title gave you a jolt of partisan fervor, at least it would me.  Today we have a big problem where defining abuse of power is, why it’s important and even truth itself have been made to seem partisan.  They are not and we need to wake up to the fact they are important to all Americans.

I am proud that Americans have historically fought against Abuse of Power.  Our laws define various roles granted, either by election or by appointment, important powers to run our country.  These powers are given to individuals in order to protect our laws and act in the best interest of our country.  It is an incredibly important oath / contract.  But people have flaws and make mistakes… So fighting Abuses of Power is how we protect our country against corruption that can and will occur.  

One way abuse can happen, in when someone oversteps the power that is granted them. This is protected by having multiple people involved in making, executing and verifying those actions, basically it’s the core reason we have multiple branches of government.

Another form of abuse is when someone uses their granted power within its bounds but not in the interest of the citizens as intended.  This could be for personal gain or more dangerously to further their power. Worse usually these type of abuses are covered by half-truths or outright lies.

Abuse can also occur when someone decides not to use their granted powers…  A quick example, a police officer has the power to give a speeding ticket to drivers, if a officer decides to not give a ticket to say someone dropping a $100 on the ground, well they are corrupt and Abusing their Power…   Turning your back on your powers is an ugly way to damage the country and was you are sworn to protect.  One power that many fail is to inform the public of the truth without spinning information to fit a political narrative.

As an American I have been proud that our country has had relatively low corruption in our government, but we seem to be taking a jaded and partisan view of this which rankles my American soul.  As citizens we have to make it clear we expect oaths to our constitution and country to be honored. Not holding ALL our government officials to this standard is leading us into more corruption.  Failing to value that standard is simply unAmerican and unpatriotic.  

But an important twist, our constitution also grants power to each citizen… We all have a power to vote.  It is an abuse of our power not to vote and not to inform our vote with the truth.  Truth is often boring confusing and doesn’t fit into simple narratives.  The problem is scandal and partisanship sells but the truth does not care about what sells.  Electing and governing without caring about the truth well in the end truth will always bear out… People guided by truth will flourish those that don’t will flounder.  It is our responsibility to cut through the BS and vote for people who value and speak truth and who won’t accept Abusing Power…

A Madman has spoken….

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