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Politcal fighting is never the answer

We Americans love our teams.  But sadly our political teams don’t love us…. But this shouldn’t be a surprise, political parties are simply groups of people that strategize and organize to win elections.  Each of the parties in the US have shifting priorities and platforms meant to maximize voting.  Unfortunately in this shuffle they lose sight of actually working in the interest of the country.  So when members of congress always voting ion party lines they ares simply always putting party first and country second…

A recent counter example to this is Mitt Romney.  Voting for Trump to be guilty for an article of impeachment was certainly contrary to party.  And is already costing him politically, so whether you agree with his decision it was one motivated by what he believe was correct rather than falling in line with what is “best for his party”.  Sp please realize it was a brave and very patriotic vote.  So an a bright example of someone putting their country before their party.  Sadly there seems to be fewer and fewer examples of this….

It is not too hard to figure out which members of our congress are putting party first, many give it away just listening to them.  And if not that then you can look at how many vote in lock step with their party…

But we have the power to put a stop to this.  We can do simple things like unfriending, unfollowing, not retweeting party line voters on social media.   And where we see our representatives / senators willing to vote for country rather than party going out of our way to follow, friend and retweet them.  It is easy and may seem trivial but politicians will notice  who gets ignored and who gets attention.

Even more powerful in the next primary not give our vote to party tools that are in congress today.  While ideally you’d have a choice of someone who puts country ahead of party you don’t have to vote for anyone else.  Simply not voting for a person at all and not giving that person your endorsement is powerful.   Think of your vote as a donation to them, since it is.  Believe me if a sitting Senator or representative see’s their vote drop by a few percentage points even if they win will pay attention 🙂 

Here is a link to one of the most telling votes in the Senate, where they tabled calling witnesses.  https://www.senate.gov – roll_call_vote  you can decide which of those Senators really worthy of your vote.

A Madman has spoken….

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