Ignore no more!

Uncle Sam Ignoring Someone Taking a KneeI am angry, some of that anger is on me and most on our country and leadership.  It is sickening that we have allowed our fellow Americans to be oppressed by police and other institutions!  The fact that this happens because of race makes this worse, because how disturbingly obvious it has been. 

I don’t support violence in protests but let’s get real; Colin Kaepernick came up with a peaceful respectful and poetic way to protest this issue of oppression. But rather than being heard he paid a high professional price. He could have backed down and not paid the price but he chose the braver / stronger path.  And what was the reaction to this protest? Football players were told a game is not the place to do this. Translation: “yeah you can protest peacefully but do it where people don’t see or hear you…”.  so the problem isn’t the lack peaceful protests, but rather trying to sweep this under the rug. Saddest of all, this systemic racism should have been a top priory without any protests. We couldn’t even be bothered to make real change even when it was brought to our attention.

Think of all the sickening videos you’ve seen and know these are just the incidents caught on camera. How many offenders have gone to jail? It’s insane most haven’t even lost their jobs.  Police need to be held accountable for injuries and deaths period.  And the many, many good people in the police force need to help make this happen.

And yes we need to look at funding priorities. It’s not about defunding police but rather about funding a better infrastructure to invest in public safety, lowering crime and better outcomes.

It is time for us all to wake up and demand change and make it happen. If we do then Americans can stand proudly and work together on challenges facing all of us.

A Madman has spoken ….

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