Fighting Covid


 Look we are in a fight, but the enemy is not liberal Americans, nor is it conservative Americans  it is not even China.  The “enemy” is a disease that is transmitted by a virus. It is killing Americans and costing our economy dearly.  If we can manage to get it under control we can re open businesses and schools.  As we develop treatments and eventually a vaccine then we can start living more normal lives.

I know we as Americans can do this.  We can look at other countries that have been able to keep transmission down and reopen somewhat if not fully. 

But to do this we need to work together and our best weapons are knowledge and pragmatism. These are both things I truly believe our country has used well in the past and we need to look inside ourselves and find again.  We will learn from this and I am actually helpful we will get out the other side and figure out not only how to survive this but build a more resilient economy and society so that the next pandemic or other disaster won’t take such a toll.

A Madman has spoken….

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