Terrorism Trials

We are now bringing prisoners captured in the war on terrorism to Guantanamo Bay. We now must come to terms with how we dispense justice to these prisoners.

Since our country stands for freedom and justice, this will be the most telling of times. We must guard against our desire for speedy vengeance, and make certain we follow our highest ideals. It is really simple, you see, as the attacks of Sept 11 were an attack on our way of life, of our ideas of freedom, tolerance and justice. If we falter from these in pursuit of the terrorists, we have lost something.

When we do bring our attackers to trial, it should be in an open court with all their rights being observed. As brutal and unjust as their attacks were, we must show the world how a trial should be conducted. This will weaken those who say the US is the enemy. It would show other countries that holding secret tribunals is wrong. And most importantly it will show all of our children how justice is meant to be.

A Madman has spoken…

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