Standing Up for Our Flag

After listening to the news today I am pissed.  You see I have family in the military, currently active and veterans, so I get very upset hearing about flag burning.  I know people get upset at our government, but do they realize how much it hurts people that have fought to defend that flag?  How low do you have to be?  How callus not to see the pain it causes?  And why are they so stupid they cannot find a better way to communicate their ideas and frustration with the government?  I simply have no sympathy or respect for any American that chooses to burn our flag!  But there is a group of people even more disgusting to me, Americans who want our government to amend our Constitution to make it illegal to burn a flag.

Burning our flag is already wrong and I will berate any idiot that goes out and burns a flag.  The reaction of Americans is the right punishment for this act.  It is a very sad day when we need our government to punish these nitwits.  We damn well better be able to stand up for ourselves, and our country!!  The day individual Americans cannot speak for themselves against those that insult our country, no matter how horribly, is the day we no longer deserve to be called “American”.

A Madman has spoken…

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