Talking in a straight “W”

Our political system really needs straight talk. Each election lately shows less and less respect for truth. Because of this I was very happy when Sen. McCain became a candidate for president. But the last few weeks have been sadly disappointing.

Listening to Sen. McCain say Sen. Obama was willing to “lose a war to win an election” is a President W tactic. Basically paint anyone who disagrees with your policies as unpatriotic. But it gets worse. Asked about his statement Sen. McCain said he was not questioning Sen. Obama’s patriotism. This level of disdain for the US public attention is another aspect of today’s politics. When you say someone is willing to put their self interest above our country and then claim you are not questioning their patriotism guess what, you are not “talking straight”.

Senator McCain, I had a great deal of respect for your candidacy and hope you get back to straight talk. You tell Sen. Obama he should go to Iraq and Afghansitan then call him presumptuous when he goes and visits the same world leaders you have. You claim he is naïve for questioning the surge in Iraq. Surging troops in Iraq limits us from surging troops in Afghanistan, something you say is needed. Both you and Sen. Obama want to win a war but you have a difference of whether that requires emphasizing Afghanistan or Iraq. True naivety is not recognizing tradeoffs; even a tactic yielding benefits may not be the right choice.

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