Trump’d Up Immigration Charges

I think almost everyone in the world now knows the words that Donald Trump used to describe immigration from Mexico into the United States. But the fervent responses to the provocative language he used to describe immigrants has missed a much larger issue in his thoughts.

Candidate Trump described immigration from Mexico to the United States as Mexico sending immigrants to the United States. This is simply not the way immigration works. It would actually be more accurate to say the U.S. is stealing motivated entrepreneurs from Mexico. The reason is simple; in reality, immigration happens when individuals decide they want to move. And currently the barriers to getting into the United States from Mexico mean the individuals who want to come here need to be motivated, willing to take risks and be industrious. When they get into the United States, they need to adapt and quickly figure how to make a living, often by being a self-employed contractor. Yes, these immigrants are creating jobs.

I am, of course, also choosing provocative language, but at least it cuts closer to the truth.

A Madman has spoken…

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