Stop Trump Conspiracy?!?! : Trump is right its real and its BIG


While we all know Trump could beat any conspiracy.  Trump’s maybe right about such a  conspiracy out to stop him.  I was doing a little bit of research and there is very strong evidence that a small group of 63,060,041 American voters is out to prevent him from becoming President.

But I was equally shocked when I found out that there is also a conspiracy trying to stop Hillary.  And this conspiracy has 51,794,094 voters.  Dong a bit of math I can see why Donald would see this as rigged.  Why how can it be right when more voters support Hillary than him.

But maybe there is another name for not getting as many voters to back you in a democratic election….

2 thoughts on “Stop Trump Conspiracy?!?! : Trump is right its real and its BIG

  1. If they are voters. IF they are ILLEGAL, DEAD, MULTIPLE BALLOT CASTERS and otherwise froggy frauds that YOU TURN A BLIND EYE TO even as you turn a blind eye to the Clinton cabal, then you get everything you deserve come Nov8 if she’s elected…. I guarantee, YOU WON’T LIKE IT.

    • Hi Brian,

      The number I took are the averages of polling living likely voters from the various polls that exist. They range from showing Trump with a slight lead to Clinton with a bit higher lead.

      There are of course dead voters that are registered as people unfortunately die everyday. All measurements of voter fraud have found that it is well below having any affect on the election. The larger problems we have with our system is getting people to vote and getting real information to the voters. For example I am appalled that the debates and discussions always come down to two candidates.

      I am always confident I will not like or dislike everything any elected official does.. But I am confident no matter who is elected the country will continue to go on and hopefully will find a way of pulling together.

      your friendly Madman

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