Election Promises

Given we are quickly moving into an election year, I have no doubt we will hear one of two messages coming from the lips of candidates everywhere.  We will either hear about cutting taxes, and how the government should not be wasting our money.  Or, we will hear about new programs that will make our country better.  Or, possibly even both at the same time.  It’s a “no brainer “ if you’re running for office.  People love hearing that they will have more money, or that they will receive more freebies.  What could be simpler?

Of course a future office holder is going to reduce taxes he must spend less too.  Though it is often stated this can be done by “eliminating waste”, which is a good thing, that only will account for up to about a 5% reduction in overall budget.  And, that’s on a good day.  Usually “waste” needs to mean programs that candidates do not see as needed.  But of course saying you will reduce services is not quite as popular.

So let’s hypothetically say services will be increased; that will please everyone.  Coming up with programs that everyone can agree on are a good idea.  This isn’t hard as there are many very worthy causes.  Of course the money has to come from somewhere, but where?  But saying one’s going to raise taxes… hmmm, most would think it would be best to leave that part out.
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