Who defines our time?

Recent ads run for the Bush re-election campaign are controversial because of their use of images from 9/11. Not having seen the ads, I’m expecting the “controversy” to be mostly election-time hype. But statements from Mark McKinnon, media adviser for Bush, are far more troubling to me.

In response to the controversy he said, “Obviously 9/11 was the defining moment of these times.” 9/11 was certainly a traumatic event at a magnitude that shook our nation and the world. And, it served as a wakeup call that the U.S. is not immune to terrorists that have struck in so many other countries. However, if the U.S. is the leader of the free world, we must strive to make sure the times are defined by what we do, not by what is done to us. For example, the 1940s were not defined by Pearl Harbor, though clearly an important event. Instead, it was defined by sacrifice and pulling together to create huge productivity and growth. This effort culminated in the victory of World War II and established the U.S. as the “leader of the free world.”

Yes the U.S. was attacked on 9/11; but do we want to show the world our nation is only a victim? Do we want to be defined by our fear? Maybe I have seen too many movies where the hero has been knocked down, yet able to get up and succeed. This is how I want to see our nation. The U.S. should be determined, strong, and work in unifying the world to overcome the many problems that face us all. It would be terribly wrong to act like a victim and allow the terrorists to define our times. I for one think the U.S. is stronger than this.

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