Creating a better health care market

As an independent consultant I would I would really like to buy health insurance in an open market, at reasonable rates. I’d like the market to be transparent. I’d like to not have to worry about being denied or having coverage suddenly dropped because of a preexisting condition. I don’t even mind living by the necessary rationing and restriction that today’s insurers apply.

As an American, I want as many of the uninsured to participate in this market since they should pay their way as much as possible, rather than having to wait until they are admitted to emergency rooms where the costs are higher and they can’t pay. When they can’t pay then we all pay a portion of that bill. I would really like all these common sense things. But there are 41 members of the Senate that don’t want me to have these. To get fair open market for health care I want fewer Republican Senators to be elected.


A Madman has spoken…

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