Border Emergency! Yes its real.

There is an incredible emergency at our border!  Our border patrol  is being overwhelmed by desperate families are crossing over the border to find us officials to turn themselves in.  While they are hoping to be accepted as refugees, most will not be…

Most are coming from Central America, so they had to first cross the southern border of Mexico, then travel and additional couple thousand miles.  I know this is shocking but these refugees aren’t likely aware of or considering the specifics of our immigration policies.  They simply see the dangers of travel and the uncertainly of migrating as being the best choice for their children.  

So yes we need to do something about this, but rather than spending billions on the border perhaps pending millions working with Mexico and Canada to create refugee centers in southern Mexico would be a more effective way to handle the emergency…

These centers would be allow refugees to find out if they qualify for status in the US and/or Canada before spending their resources traveling across Mexico.  And the centers would be a place for other NGOs to find refugees possibly giving them more options.  This would reduce the border crossings and yield a better result for the refugees.   Oh and it would mean we wouldn’t have to spend as much, or rather i should say borrow a much money…  But hey our kids and grandkids can pay those bills!  

A Madman has spoken….

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