Enough! : Do Something For America

Enough!  As Americans we have had enough of inaction and partisan stupidity it is simply time to act.  When it comes to gun violence in America today we clearly have a problem and there are no easy solutions!  But not doing anything is stupid and using it as a political football is morally bankrupt. We can do something real.

Mitch, Donald and Nancy, no more excuses and finger pointing, the three of you need to sit in a room and come out and pass legislation all three of you support. And it must do something about the problem.  There has been enough talk that some of the points are clear.  For example we already know extending background checks is needed, a boost in mental health care.  Other provisions should be considered, in action has already cost lives.

And as we have seen we need to point out where speech can have consequences, we need direct talk and hold out examples where it goes too far.  Like inaction words can kill.

When you walk out with that legislation and message to America it better not have any stupid other topics in it.  It has to be clear you worked together on this issue and not some idiotic political trade.  You all need to support the other party and do something right by Americans!!!

An American has Spoken….

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